Roger Schnabel

Roger Schnabel became famous as a cast member of reality television show Gold Rush. It tracks lives of gold miners in Yukon. Schnabel is a part-owner of Big Nugget mine. As of 2017, Roger Schnabel’s net worth is approximately $500 thousand and while some other websites claim even ten times more, we believe this to be vastly exaggerated.

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Parker views himself as a road building expert and helped his son Parker to build a road to a new land that he believes contains gold deposits. After all, the whole mining thing is a kind of a family business among Schnabel’s.

Looking for gold could be potentially very rewarding but the whole industry has it’s ups and downs. While gold prices increased few years back to very attractive levels, men from Gold Rush ave to battle unpredictable nature and failing mining equipment from time to time.

Reality show Gold Rush started in 2003 on Discovery channel and gained popularity ever since. Season seven premiered in 2016 and Schnabel’s started this new year without grandfather John as a mentor. In upcoming episode, Parker loses expensive excavator in a swamp.