Rick Ness

Gold miner Rick Ness is best known for his appearance on Gold Rush reality TV show on Discovery Channel. He was pursuing his music career when he got the idea to work as a miner without a previous experience. As of 2016, Rick Ness’ total net worth is about $400 thousand.

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Rick Ness was born in Milwaukee. He was a college football player but he ended his career after an injury. Then he dedicated himself to music, playing the bass, and formed a band named the .357 Stringband. The band released 3 albums during seven years. When he was on a tour, Rick met Parker Schnabel and decided he want to work with him. Parker called him after nine months and offered him a job.

Rick joined the Gold Rush in the third season. He only had a knowledge about heavy machines thanks his family’s business. Before meeting Parker, he was watching the TV show but it didn’t cross his mind he will appear on it when he wanted this job.

At the team, Rick works as a rock truck operator and a excavator. He has become a rightful and reliable member of the team. There is no doubt he is an adventure seeker. He loves tattoos, motorcycles and work out at the gym.