Parker Schnabel

Young gold miner Parker Schnabel became famous thanks to the reality show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel. While searching for gold could be a very profitable, it’s a tricky business. Schnabel’s total net worth is about $500,000 as of 2015. In a second season, Parker found 34 ounces (960 g) of gold that were worth $55,000.

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He achieved such success while mining at his grandfather’s property at Big Nugget Mine. In third season, Parker returned there with more efficient equipment. It proved this spot is worth such an investment. Schnabel got 191 oz. this time. So far, five seasons were filmed. And Discovery already confirmed that they are working on sixth.

Parker was born July 22, 1994 in Alaska. He’s a risk taker. Instead of attending the university, Schnabel used his college fund to set up own mining operation. This risk paid off. He has determination and skills. Athough there’s also a factor of luck involved which probably makes searching for gold so thrilling and Gold Rush such a popular show.

Gold Rush focuses on Parker and several of his competitors that are mining in Yukon Territory of Canada. Prices of gold might drop from it’s all time heights but it’s still very valuable metal and lot of it waits to be found. Schnabel’s net worth growth might be little less predictable than in other lines of business but he’s doing well.