Ella Willis

Made in Chelsea newcomer Ella Willis is a gorgeous blonde with fit bikini body. She joined the main cast in the 13th season. And of course she is quite rich. As of 2017, Willis’ net worth is over £1.5 million according to most estimates. And we know several other interesting facts from her life!

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She is quite young and still studies at Edinburgh University. This means she has to travel a lot between London and Edinburgh. Ella just came out of the long-term relationship. That might mean she’ll be looking for someone to date on the show and as a matter of fact she already admitted that she has her eye on someone from the cast. Who will it be? We can’t wait to learn.

As a big traveler, Willis also often visits Suffolk and the Balearic Islands. The latter destination is most likely responsible for her perfect tan and good mood. Her hobbies include skiing and flying. For the second one definitely helps that Ella owns her own helipad.

13th season of British reality show Made in Chelsea started in March 2017. The cast was strengthen with several new names. And one couple will be expecting a child this time! Lives of affluent young people in the West London areas proved to be huge hit and we are sure this show will last several more seasons.