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Net Worth of Famous Stars from TV

Julianna Reed

Julianna Reed might be considered as one of the outsiders on a new reality TV competition The Partner. Not that she isn’t very skilled and talented, but she works currently in non-profit organization. Will she convince Marcus Lemonis that she is the right woman for the job? Reed’s total net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand as of 2017.
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Buffie Purselle

Skilled Buffie Purselle is a founder of Buffie the Tax Heiress LLC, a chain of tax practices. Her LinkedIn profile says she is a Serial Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Expert, and also a Business Management Consultant. In 2017, she will appear on The Partner as one of the ten contestants. Her current net worth is estimated to be about $800 thousand.
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Peilin Pratt

Enthusiastic Peilin Pratt is a co-owner of candy distribution company named She is used to switch between job descriptions on daily basis and looks forward to work with Marcus Lemonis. Will she be the one who wins first season of The Partner? As of 2017, Pratt’s net worth is estimatedly $800 thousand.
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Erin Cobb

Erin Cobb is only 29 years old but he already built several successful businesses. His main area of expertise are unusual relaxation services. He also helps his friend to turn their business ideas into reality. In 2017, Cobb will be starring on The Partner as one of the contestants. His current net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million.
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Carrie Chitsey

Entrepreneur Carrie Chitsey has a very wide knowledge in different IT fields. She is a Co-Founder and COO of mobile application company One Touch Brands and CEO and founder of BLK24 which provides digital strategy and mobile marketing consulting. As one of the competitors on The Partner, Carrie is eager to partner with Lemonis. Her total net worth is estimatedly $2 million as of 2017.
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Billy Canu

Billy Canu runs his own digital marketing agency called Brighthaus in San Diego, California. He offers SEO, SEM, and social media services for website owners. He is also investing into small business founded by other people. Sounds familiar? He might be the perfect match for Marcus Lemonis on his new reality series The Partner. As of 2017, Canu’s net worth is estimated to be about $2.5 million.
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