Darrell Miklos

Darrell Miklos is a COO and co-founder of historical shipwreck recovery company called Gemini Marine Exploration. He is on the search for several treasures and now Discovery channel decided to make him his own show titled Cooper’s Treasure. As of 2017, Miklos’ net worth is estimated to be about $1.2 million but it can grow instantly in case he founds one of his anticipated treasures.

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Miklos was a close friend of astronaut Gordon Cooper who noticed several dark spots in the ocean while he was on the orbit. He was sure those are all shipwrecks and made himself a map. Before he died, he revealed this secret to Darrell who now searches through those mysterious sites and believes he is close to finding a large valuable treasure, maybe even a part of Christopher Columbus’ fleet.

He co-founded Gemini Marine Exploration in November 2014 in order to recover precious cargo and artifacts from those alleged sunken ships. The story behind all of this surely sounds interesting. But will Miklos really find some sunken gold treasure?

Discovery channel starts to air this series in April 2017 and we can not wait to see first few episodes. Darrell has an ambitious plan and demanding task in front of him. Maritime exploration is a complicated business as current could be constantly moving whatever lies on the ocean’s floor or cover it with sand and dirt.