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Ashley Nocera

Italian vlogger and bikini model Ashley Nocera became famous through her Instagram and Youtube channel. Nocera’s channel will soon achieve 200 thousand subscribers and already surpassed 18.8 million views. As of 2017, Nocera’s current net worth is approximately $200 thousand and we also know her age and other interesting facts.
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Jenn Im

Fashion YouTuber Jenn Im famous for her channel clothesencounters amassed incredible 1.8 million subscribers and surpassed 170 million views. She registered her account on YouTube in 2010 and her popularity is growing every year. Jenn Im’s total net worth is around $900 thousand in 2017 and we also know who is her cute boyfriend!
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YouTube star QJB is best known by this nickname or also as QJBeat. On his main channel, he uploads game testing, movie promoting, tips and tricks and other popular stuff. QJB’s estimated net worth is currently $300 thousand as of 2017 and we also kno his real name and other interesting facts.
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