Tai Lopez

As a successful investor, consultant, partner, and advisor in over 20 businesses, Tai Lopez certainly has his pick of beautiful women to date. But Tai Lopez with his personal net worth estimated slightly over $5 million in 2020 picked this stunning young model as his girlfriend.

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So who is she? His girlfiend’s name is Kenna Alastair. This young brunette is 5’10” tall and wears 34B bra size. She’s signed to Otto Models modeling agency. Since she started dating Tai, Kenna appeared on couple of Tai’s videos and Instagram posts. Lopez is a huge travelling enthusiast that regularly flies around the globe. He also takes often picture next to impressive exotic cars so we assume his garage is worth a lot. He also spends a lot of time reading since absorbing new information and ideas is his hobby.

Tai iss selling infomercial products online, that claim to lead you to your own financial wealth and happier life in general, such as his famous 67 Steps program. Lopez got into media spotlight when he appeared on first season of reality television show The Millionaire Matchmaker. Now he allegedly wishes no one ever had seen when he was there but as a matter of fact his episode is the highest rated so far.

Does his products work? We let you be the judge. As all financial mentors and gurus, he can’t change who you are and your money habits. Yet, his advice can show you the right path. Some unsatisfied customers claim he’s a fraud or scam while others are happy to endorse his teachings. Tai Lopez has for example over 380,000 fans on his Facebook page.