Dan Blankenship

Dan Blankenship became famous thanks to his appearance on History channel’s reality show The Curse of Oak Island. He relocated to the island in 1960’s and kept searching for the treasure ever since. As of 2017, Blankenship’s estimated net worth is about $400 thousand and we know his moving life story.

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Dan read about Oak Island in Reader’s Digest back in 1965. He made a gamble and decided to pursue the prospect of valuable historical treasure. Although he had prospering contracting business in Florida, Blankenship abandoned it and moved with his wife to Oak Island. So far without success.

Today, Dan is 91 years old and he says it’s to late for him to quit now. He simply dedicated most of his life to this. Arrival of Marty and Rick as well as the start of reality show, brought new encouragement to his quest. Lagina’s decided to include Dan and his son Dave as they are practically locals and know more than anybody else about the island.

Reality series The Curse of Oak Island is currently in it’s fourth season and enjoys continued popularity among History channel viewers and also helped to boost main stars’ net worth a little. Latest episodes had over 3 million viewers. So we expect there will be next installment in the future. At least our treasure hunters will have financial means to continue their search.