Bristol Marunde

Contractor and MMA fighter Bristol Marunde is about to become a television star in 2017. He and his wife are the main cast of the new reality TV show Flip or Flop Vegas. With their history of more than 150 flips, they surely know what they are doing. As of 2017, Marunde has a total net worth of more than $2 million.

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Bristol already appeared in the past on High Stakes Flippers (it ended after 1 episode). But now, with El Moussa’s out ofthe picture, he and his beautiful wife Aubrey have a chance to become the first class stars on HGTV. Bristol Marunde is an experienced real estate investor and certainly knows how to make big bucks in this competitive business.

On the top of that, Marunde is a MMA fighter and he visited MMA Awards in 2017 with his wife. Yet, it looks like the main source of income and net worth is the house flipping business for him. Buy cheap, renovate, and sell high might sound like the good basic advice but it is much more than that. High price tags involved made it quite risky enterprise. Still, for Marunde is house flipping his daily bread and butter.

He met his wife in Las Vegas while she was studying college and he competed in the ring for living. They turned into real estate power couple and currently are raising two sons named Kale and Kane. We wish Marunde’s a lot of luck on their new show.