Aubrey Marunde

The real estate market in Las Vegas and surrounding areas is almost always on the move. That is an ideal environment for house flipping. Aubrey Marunde and her husband have some experience with this and that’s why HGTV hired to them to be the next stars after El Moussas recent demise. As of 2017, Aubrey Marunde’s net worth is estimated to be slightly over $2 million.

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She and her husband Bristol Marunde are on the search for run down and undervalued homes that can use some fresh touch and be turned into an investment opportunity. They already renovated over 150 homes in Las Vegas, Nevada. The handsome couple owns boutique real estate and construction business. No wonder their net worth keeps growing.

Successful house flipping brought them some serious cash but now they are on their way to become also television stars. In order to unload the renovated house fast, they have to find something below market value and stick to a strict budget while doing all the remodeling. But they are really good at this.

Aubrey has an interesting background which brought her into real estate business. Her father was a contractor so young Aubrey literally grew up on various construction sites. Aubrey and Bristol raise two kids. In 2017, they visited MMA Awards ceremony and Aubrey wore a stunning blue dress with impressive cleavage. She definitely has attractive body measurements.