Monica Beets

Young miner Monica Beets is best known for her appearance on the Discovery channel’s reality TV show Gold Rush. She is a daughter of miner Tony Beets. As of 2016, Monica Beets’ net worth is about 1 million dollars. Let’s take a look how did she started her career in the family gold mining business.

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Monica Beets was born on November 7th, 1993, in Canada but she takes the Dawson City in the Yukon as her hometown. Her father involved her into the mining when she was only twelve years old. In next four years, she became a full-time worker with her dad. At the age of eighteen, Monica was already named a Supervisor at Paradise Hill.

Monica even has her own official Facebook fan page, where she has more than 60 thousand followers. Besides her mining career, her other goal is to become a primary care paramedic. And she would like to travel a little as well. Monica’s fellow co-star from Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel, was known for having a crush on her when they met.

The Gold Rush TV show is very popular since it’s start in 2010. Monica Beets appeared on it for the first time in the second season. She actually enjoys being bossy around older men. They respect her because of her experience and knowledge. Discovery channel currently broadcasts sixth season of Gold Rush.