Jordan Maron

YouTube channel with major traffic can be a real gold mine, as Jordan Maron found out pretty soon. Under his nickname CaptainSparklez, young Californian started with his own channel in 2011. And today? Maron has over 8.5 million subscribers and his current net worth is incredible $3.2 million! The main source of his income are still internet commercials.

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Maron is pretty active on other social media too but the YouTube videos are probably the best way he can present his crazy ideas to the world. And get rich in the process. One of his most famous videos is Minecraft Style. It’s a parody of popular Korean hit Gangnam Style. You can see minecraft models as a part of the video.

In 2014, CaptainSparklez shocked his fans with a tweet that he has a girlfriend. They were on a date and it was really intense. But in the next sentence you’ll find out he’s actually talking about dating in computer game Sims. Disappointment for some but definitely a relief for his loyal female fans. Could it mean he’s still single in a real life?

Jordan was born February 10, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. What some people don’t know that before CaptainSparklez, Maron had another YouTube Channel but it was harder to monetize it due to some explicit language he used. While his previous channel was mostly about Call of Duty, CaptainSparklez is heavily influenced by Minecraft and often posts minecraft animations.