Mark Edward Fischbach known as Markiplier is a popular online comedian. In 2015, he’ll most likely surpass 8 million subscribers. So many online fans mean stellar advertisement income for him. So no wonder his total net worth is approximately $2 million as of 2015. He also works as a charity fundraiser which is really nice of him.

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With his type of wealth, Markiplier could easily buy a huge mansion somewhere in suburbs but according to our sources, Mark likes big city life. He lives in a luxury apartment in New York City. So his taste in real estate is quite clear, what about women? This one is tricky question since there is no hard evidence on who’s Markiplier’s girlfriend. Or is he single after all?

Markiplier started with his own vlog later than most today famous youtubers. He opened his channel named Markiplier in 2012. After some problems with his AdSense account, Mark had to open a new channel and named it MarkiplierGAME. Easy choice of name for him as most of his videos are video game reviews.

In 2014, Mark joined the ranks of Red Giant Entertainment board. In 2015, he was hospitalized with a problem called small bowel obstruction. But the surgery solved this and he should be fine by now. That’s certainly good news and we wish him good health in the future.