Famous vlogger PewDiePie has over 38 million subscribers as of July 2015. That’s more than many established shows created by big media companies. Popularity of this scale brings money, a lot of it. According to Forbes, PewDiePie had annual income (or salary, if you want to call it that way) of incredible $4 million! And his income is increasing each year, as his fan base grows. His estimated net worth is $16 million as of 2015.

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His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he’s from Sweden. He owns currently the most viewed YouTube channel of all time. Is there anywhere to go further now with his vlog? Certainly to even bigger wealth. PewDiePie is only 25 years old but he’s already in a big league. How he managed to make so much money? Well, it would be hard to emulate his success, but here’s what he’s doing.

PewDiePie usually plays computer games and he’s interacting with his viewers while doing so. He’s showing his emotions from the game, swearing, screaming, and so on. His popularity has now even so called “Oprah effect”. That means that when he plays some less known game, it’s sales rise dramatically as a result of this product placement.

And what about his private life? Well, it’s publicly known that he’s dating Marzia Bisognin. She’s his girlfriend since 2011. And he’s very charitable. PewDiePie often helps through fundraising drives. With net worth and income like his, it’s nice that he still cares about less fortunate ones. Online video network that he’s part of, named Maker, was sold to Disney for $500 million.