Tanya Burr

Popular English vlogger Tanya Burr belongs to the biggest earners in this new industry. Her online videos about make up are extremely popular. Burr is making over £20,000 per month just from advertisements. She has another income from product placement and also recently created her own make up line. Burr’s 2015 net worth is estimated to be £1.5 million which is aproximately $2.3 million.

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In 2015, Tanya add another type of income to her already high salary and other types of cash flow. With her new beauty guide Love, Tanya, Burr became an author. This could mean some really nice royalties for her in the future. With her more than 500,000 subscribers, there’s a big chance she’ll a lot of these books.

Burr is dating another famous vlogger Jim Chapman. They are in a relationship since 2007. Tanya and her boyfriend engaged in 2012. Does it mean we can look forward to the first celebrity YouTube wedding? We are sure such a video would hit all the records.

Since 2014, Tanya has her own diffusion line called Tanya Burr Cosmetics. She’s now a real ceelebrity now. She even sit on the judging panel at the Elle Beauty Awards. Another proof how modern media and especially vlogs are changing the show business scene. To gain a huge net worth and worldwide fame, you don’t need to audition in some agency, you can become famous on your own.