Gigi Hadid

Young hot model Gigi Hadid was completely unknown until 2012 when she became one of the Guess faces. In 2014, she became a sensation in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her fame and wealth is skyrocketing ever since. Hadid’s current net worth surpassed $1 million as of 2015. Her exotic looks is a result of an interesting ancestry.

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While her mother is Dutch model (hence the blond hair and pale skin), her father is a rich Palestinian real estate developer. This unusual family background let many people wonder what is Gigi’s religion. Gigi herself never mentioned anything and we assume she wants to keep her faith and related thing private.

Hadid dated Nick Jonas from 2012 til 2013. After him, she was in a relationship with an Australian singer Cody Simpson but they broke up in 2014. Is it possible that such a beauty is single now? Better hurry up, guys! What’s really impressive in her bio among other modelling jobs are two things. Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Pirelli appearances. It really helped to increase her popularity and net worth alike. Hadid has a perfect bikini body, so she’s ideal for jobs like this.

She has several birthmarks on her pale skin that are photoshopped in most of her photo shoots. But for example in V Magazine, they felt that even small imperfections are a part of her natural beauty and showed her skin as it is. With several birthmarks on Gigi’s neck, toned belly, and one on the the bottom of her left breast. Her curves are so gorgeous, some people don’t believe Hadid doesn’t have breast implants. But we can assure you she’s all natural.