Adam Montoya

Adam Montoya known under his online nickname SeaNanners is a famous computer game commentator and YouTube millionaire. His gaming videos are showing him while playing popular titles with other YouTube gamers. His estimated net worth is $4 million as of 2015. Not bad, especially for someone who just recently turned 31.

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Montoya gained his university degree at San Diego State but had hard time to find a good job after that. He started uploading his first game comments on YouTube in 2008. Since 2010, Montoya was full time employer of video network Machinima. In 2014, he and some of his friends co-founded MCN network. That helped him furher boost hi net worth.

In 2013, Adam branched out to regular acting. He appeared in Let’s Animate and in 2014 played also in Mianite. But his YouTube channel is still his main job. He has a degree in Television, Film & New Media Production and internet age helped him to utilize it to the max.

Montoya is dating Cathy Diep known in online gaming community as Catabot. Needless to say she’s also a passionate gamer and they both often play in multiplayer mode together. Cathy has also her own YouTube account that focuses on Do It Yourself videos. That’s what we call a great couple!