Devvon Terrell

Talented R&B and pop artist Devvon Terrell became well-known after releasing his debut album titled Weird Sexy Cool on iTunes. His popularity is also growing thanks to his self-titled YouTube channel. As of 2017, Devvon Terrell’s current net worth is approximately $250 thousand and continues to grow.

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Devvon Terrell was born on October 6th, 1988, in Brooklyn, New York. He started his YouTube channel in May 2011. As of January 2017, he has more than 700 thousand subscribers and over 110 million views there. His most popular videos are remixes Love Yourself with Futuristic and Rihanna’s Work.

His remixes and covers gained him a number of fans who enjoy his specific urban style. He is doing a great job shooting and editing his videos as well as mixing his music. His debut album released in August 2015 earned a place in the top 16 albums of RNB charts on the iTunes.

Devvon Terrell currently has over 190 thousand followers on Instagram and the number is growing fast. He is on the best was to become a real R&B superstar and amassed a nice net worth. A part of his income is made by his live tours. He has collaborated with several artist, such as with rapper Futuristic on his album Coast 2 Coast.