Being a famous rapper pays off. Legendary Drake has incredible net worth of $60 million in 2015. One of the best years in his career measured by income was 2012 when Drake’s Club Paradise Tour grossed about $42 million. It was a record among rappers. Something that Drake is slowly getting used to. When it comes to cash flow, it’s really hard to beat him.

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Drake wasn’t rich when growing up and neither he inherited a large sum of money. He’s a self-made man. Drake still remember his hard childhood. “My mother was very sick. We were very poor, like broke.” He tried acting for a short time and in 2006 finally got serious about his own music. This was the right choice and his net worth skyrocketed in couple of short years. His income from royalties is notable. He sold over 5 million copies of his albums. What an achievement!

Now he enjoys fruits of his labor. He lives in luxury neighborhood in Hidden Hills, California. This mansion was originally owned by a writer and filmmaker William Peter Blatty. The real estate property has gigantic pool with own cave. Although the asking price was $27 million, Drake sensed a big opportunity and after some negotiation he bough the home for $7.7 million. That’s what we call the discount!