Bam Brown

Joshua Bam Brown II is a main cast member of reality TV show Alaskan Bush People. He’s an adult son of family patriarch Billy Brown. Bam’s current net worth is estimated to be about $300 thousand and this year he also surprised his fans with finding this stunning girlfriend on one of the most unexpected places.

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In 2016, Bam Brown started dating Allison Kagan. And this attractive brunette actually works as a producer of Alaskan Bush People. Speaking of mixing work and pleasure? Reality show fans already speculate about how far is their relationship now and some even spread rumors that Bam and Allison are already secretly married.

Bam is a Billy’s second born son. He’s really good at hunting, fishing, tracking, and other skills required for the survival in the wilderness. But you might be surprised that he’s also very good at computers and electronics in general.

Alaskan Bush People started in 2014 at Discovery channel. This reality-documentary series presents Brown family: Billy, his wife Ami, and also their seven grownup kids. Living in a wilderness has definitely many challenges. They live in a cabin in Copper River Valley, where temperatures drop in the winter to sixty degrees below zero!