Huma Abedin

Political staffer Huma Abedin currently works as a vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She also got into media spotlight through her marriage with Anthony Weiner. As of 2016, Abedin’s total net worth is often estimated to be about $2 million. Let’s get a closer look on her career.

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Huma was born born July 28, 1976 in Kalamazoo, Michigan into a immigrant family from Saudi Arabia (they have Indian and Pakistani ancestry). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Washington University. While still at college, Abedin already worked as an intern in the White House.

Following Hillary Clinton’s career path, Abedin served under her in State Department and Clinton Foundation. When Hillary Clinton decided to run for presidential office in 2016, Abedin was appointed vice chairwoman of her campaign.

In 2010, Huma married Congressman Anthony Weiner who became infamous for his multiple sexting scandals. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of New York in 2013. As of today, Huma and Anthony are still legally married but live separately. They have one son together, Jordan Zain Weiner.