Lyrica Garrett

Singer Lyrica Garrett is also an occasional actress and reality show star. In 2016, Garrett became a part of supporting cast on reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Her total net worth is approximate;y $500 thousand as of 2016. Let’s take a close look on her life story and road to success.

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Lyrica was born December 8th, 1950 in Houston, Texas. In 1994, she married Darrius Garrett. The couple has one child, daughter Lyrica Anderson who’s also a part of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast. During her musical career, Garrett colaborated with many famous artists, including names like Stevie Wonder and Tina Turner.

Under the screen name Marci Thomas, Garrett played in movies Perfume and Penitentiary II. After that, she took a long break from TV screen until now. In 2016, Lyrica joined the third season of popular reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Reviving her net worth and fame.

Garrett also makes money as a vocal coach. Her daughter (named also Lyrica) grew up into beautiful woman and also an artist. Music runs definitely in the family. We hope to see them both also on future fourth season.