Tim Kaine

Democratic politician Tim Kaine is a Senator from Virginia. In 2016, he was picked by Hillary Clinton as her Vice President nominee. This got him a lot of media attention since then. Kaine has several sources of income. His total net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2016.

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Tim was born February 26, 1958 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He earned his bachelors degree in economics at the University of Missouri. Kaine is also Harvard Law School graduate with a J.D. degree. in 1984, he married Anne Holton. They have three kids. Tim and Anne met while they were both studying at Harvard.

From 2006 til 2010, Kaine served as a 70th Governor of Virginia. In 2016, Clinton chose him as her running mate which is probably the highlight of his career so far. For a Democrat, Kaine is viewed as relatively conservative which is the likely reason he was picked. To offset Trump’s pick of Mike Pence.

When it comes to finance industry, Kaine is strongly on the side of bigger regulation. He also supported Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (so called Obamacare). His overall political views are sometimes compared to those of Joe Biden.