Tim Grittani

Stock trader Tim Grittani became famous as a second student of trading guru Timothy Sykes who made millions. This young man allegedly turned his small trading account of $1,500 into incredible fortune. His current net worth is about $2.7 million as of 2016. He achieved that through trading active penny stocks.

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Sykes is a popular daytrader who sells newsletters, DVDs, and other educational tools about investing money. Grittani became one of his best students. Now, he offers his own online training and claims that it’s highest rated one on Investimonials. So how did he achieved such a success?

His guru Sykes revealed for free some of the main reasons why Grittani according to him, made such a fortune. He highlights the importance of education, containment of losses, and focusing only on few trades a day. Off course for details you have to pay him or Tim through buying some of their infomercial products.

After his success, Grittani appeared on Fox Business and gained much attention also from other media. Well, he’s an American Dream come true. At age of 24, he became a penny stock millionaire. If he makes smart decision in the future, his net worth will keep growing. We wish him luck!