Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the richest men on the planet. He usually battles for the first place with Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu. So how much he exactly owns? As of May 2015, Buffett’s net worth is $71.4 billion. And he could be much richer if he didn’t gave so much on various charities. He’s true isnpiration on how to earn money and also on how (not) to spend it.

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Buffett is very exceptional figure among billionaires. He’s the only one among worlds richest Top 10 who made his fortune on trading stocks. Yet he’s much more than regular investor. Notable portion of his wealthy was held and also created through companies where he had controlling majority. In many ways he’s more of a businessman than investor. That’s probably how he created such an astronomical wealth.

Regardless of that, he’s also one of the most successful investors ever. He’s one of few, who can show traceable long record of average yearly gains surpassing 20%. To have such results in the long-term is much harder than it seems. Although many can make hundreds of percent in stock in one year or two. They usually lose a lot when market environment changes. Warren Buffett is also very modest. He drives one car usually for many years and buys American-made vehicles not imports. He still lives in his old small house.