Timothy Sykes

Popular stock trader Timothy Sykes is sometimes nicknamed The Wolf of Instagram. He became famous when he turned cca $12,000 that he received as a bar mitzvah gift, into $1 million through day trading. Although he’s not a registered investment adviser, Sykes today runs several educational projects aggregated around his personal investment website. As of 2015, Sykes’ net worth is about $6 million.

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Timothy was born April 16, 1981 in Orange, Connecticut. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Tulane University. While he was pursuing this degree, Sykes was already regularly investing. His specialty is day trading. He managed to multiply his original investment in stocks and in his senior year already created a hedge fund named Cilantro Fund Management LLC.

His success attracted a lot of followers. Sykes has currently over 2,000 students that want to learn how to multiply their net worth in day trading. But although his investing strategies might sound tempting, we have to warn you that investing in stocks is always risky business, especially if you do margin trading.

Since 2012, Sykes is organizing a Miss Penny Stock beauty pageant which is basically a voting for the most beautiful among his employees. Timothy is dating hot model Bianca Alexa for a while. In 2015, Sykes and Alexa got engaged. Does it mean that the marriage is close?