Stephanie Seevers

Enthusiastic Stephanie Seevers is the CEO of ANECA Federal Credit Union. This strong believer in positive thinking and hard work is one of the contestants on reality TV show The Partner. As of 2017, her total net worth is estimated to be about $1.1 million but is she the right person to become Marcus’ partner?

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Her energy is unmistakable. Stephanie from Shreveport, Los Angeles certainly has a positive attitude and strong confidence. Her credit union is financing some unorthodox stuff and she herself mastered wide variety of skills. Seevers would love to make business with Lemonis.

Whoever wins The Partner on CNBC will become Marcus Lemonis’ business partner. That means participating on the management of business portfolio he amassed during previous series titled The Profit. He offers annual salary of $163,000 and also 1% equity stake which is probably even more tempting. The fierce competition between ten talented entrepreneurs will help him decide which one is the best for the available position. We wish Seevers a lot of luck since she definitely deserves to win.