Chuck Brewer

Chuck Brewer operates his own gourmet soup shop called Soupremacy. He has extensive hands-on experience with running businesses and in 2017 decided to join business/investment reality show The Partner. If he wins, he’ll become partner of famous Marcus Lemonis. As of 20017, Brewer’s estimated net worth is about $1.8 million.

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Chuck is a former US Marine. After returning home, he became a franchisee for a renowned restaurant network and after achieving huge success, he sold his operation for a hefty check. This provided him with enough capital to open his own business. And Soupremacy was born. It’s a lovely soup establishment in Indianopolis.

During reality show The Profit, Lemonis invested about $35 million into various companies and now is looking for someone to help him run his business empire. Winner of the new series The Partner will literally be partnering with Lemons himself and receives $163,000 of annual salary and on the top of that also 1% equity stake in his portfolio. Will Chuck Brewer be the lucky one who wins and enters the world of big finances?