Carrie Chitsey

Entrepreneur Carrie Chitsey has a very wide knowledge in different IT fields. She is a Co-Founder and COO of mobile application company One Touch Brands and CEO and founder of BLK24 which provides digital strategy and mobile marketing consulting. As one of the competitors on The Partner, Carrie is eager to partner with Lemonis. Her total net worth is estimatedly $2 million as of 2017.

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Carrie really understands her businesses. You can even discuss the code with her. One Touch Brands is oriented towards mobile application development and was founded in 2015. A little older is her other company, BLK24. It focuses on consulting services in mobile marketing area. Information technologies are fast moving field and Chitsey has what it takes to stay ahead of the curve.

If Chitsey wins reality show The Partner, he would became a part of Marcus Lemonis’ team. She would receive nice annual salary of $163,000 but what is definitely more important, also the 1% equity stake in his business portfolio of companies he invested in during The Profit.