Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez come to US from Mexico. He founded his own sports entertainment agency where he also works as a managing director. He sees a huge potential in Latino market. Will he become the first winner of the new reality series The Partner? As of 2017, Martinez has an estimated net worth of $750 thousand.

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When he first came to USA, Martinez lived in Texas. Later, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. His sports entertainment agency sees potential in growing Latino demographics and Ricardo wants to demonstrate Lemonis that also his businesses can profit from this approach. Will he succeed in the fierce competition of nine other contestants?

The stakes are high. The winner will become Lemonis’ business partner. That means a 1% share in his business portfolio he amassed during previous show The Profit. And on the top of that also a more than nice annual salary. but that’s most likely not what the contestants are here for. Partnering with Lemonis is a great opportunity for them to grow professionally.