Peilin Pratt

Enthusiastic Peilin Pratt is a co-owner of candy distribution company named She is used to switch between job descriptions on daily basis and looks forward to work with Marcus Lemonis. Will she be the one who wins first season of The Partner? As of 2017, Pratt’s net worth is estimatedly $800 thousand.

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Pratt earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at University of Washington and after that received JD at prestigious Harvard Law School. After graduation, Peilin worked as a corporate attorney. In 2009, she co-founded and is juggling various responsibilities ever since. She is smart and driven.

Marcus Lemonis is searching for a business partner so he can delegate some of his duties. The winner of reality show The Partner will receive so much more than just the privilege to learn from the best. Annual salary is $163,000 but probably even more promising is 1% equity stake in the portfolio of companies that he amassed during previous show The Profit.