Joyner Lucas

Rapper Joyner Lucas is well known for his creativity and unique style, which you can admire in his album Along Came Joyner. He has currently over 150 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and almost 20 million views. As of 2017, Joyner Lucas’ estimated net worth is approximately $500 thousand. Let’s take a closer look how did he amass his money.

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Joyner Lucas was born on August 17th, 1988, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Since he was a little boy, he was creating rhyme schemes and he recorded his debut song when he was only ten years old. It was titled annihilate ‘em. At the beginnings, he was using the stage name G-Storm.

Together with his uncle Sheen Philips and Dj Prince, he formed formation titled Film Skool Rejekts and released mixtape Workprint: The Greatest Mixtape of All Time. He changed his nickname to Future Joyner in 2007, but when an Atlanta rapper named Future became famous, Joyner decided to change his stage name to Joyner Lucas in 2012

A year before that, Joyner Lucas moved to Montana and released his debut solo hit titled Listen 2 Me. In 2015, he released album titled Along Came Joyner. The popularity of this creative rapper is growing and his net will be probably growing too in next years.