Crazy Russian Hacker

Taras Kulakov aka Crazy Russian Hacker is a famous YouTuber. His channel has incredible 9.5 million subscribers and he publishes there various life hacks and experiments. His life’s journey sounds like a dream. He made it from average Walmart employee into a rich internet celebrity. As of 2017, Crazy Russian Hacker’s net worth is about $5 million and growing.

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Taras was born in 1987 in today’s Ukraine but his family relocated to US in 2009. At first, young Taras was working at local Walmart but in spare time dedicated intense effort into his YouTube channels. And he eventually succeeded. His channel CrazyRussianHacker skyrocketed and soon made him enough money from online advertisement so he could leave the job.

He’s Russian-American. Although originally living in Ukraine (or to be more precise self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic), his family speaks Russian and he considers himself to have Russian origin. His YouTube logo adopts a lot of cues from Soviet era.

Some of his most popular uploads are How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips and What Will Happen if You Boil Coke? Crazy Russian Hacker managed to turn his online hobby into legit source of income. Good job!