Tanner Braungardt

Young vlogger Tanner Braungardt became popular thanks to his YouTube channel which amassed almost 2 million subscribers as of 2017. No wonder he has massive income from online advertisement. Tanner Braungardt’s net worth is approximately $800 thousand and we also know interesting details about his new girlfriend.

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Many fans speculated that Tanner is gay. He made fun of this opinion and once said, that if he ever publicly introduces his girlfriend, the video won’t be name “Meet My Girlfriend” (which is very common among youtubers) but “I’m Not Gay” instead. Well, he did break his promise and in January 2017 uploaded video Meet My Girlfriend which introduces his young blonde GF to his fans. She’s allegedly not jealous of Kate Upton who’s bikini poster Tanner has on his room.

But his dating life isn’t the only interesting thing about him. Tanner Braungardt started his YouTube Channel in 2011 and in few short years managed to gain massive fan base. Some of his most popular uploads are Trampoline vs Waterbed and Coke vs Mentos Bath Challenge.

Tanner was born on July 24, 2000 in Wichita, Kansas. He has two siblings, brother named Tristan and a sister named Taylor. A lot from his videos are various comedy sketches involving him running or jumping trampoline. He does plenty of other pranks as well. His net worth is steadily growing and he’s probably going to be extremely rich in next few years.