Saif Ahmed Belhasa

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is wealthy entrepreneur form United Arab Emirates. His personal business empire titled Saif Belhasa Group of Companies makes deals in multiple sectors, such as real estate, advertising, transportation, trading, recruitment, and consruction. As of 2017, Belhasa’s total net worth is estimated to be around $2.1 billion and we also know ho he achieved this incredible wealth.

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Saif made most of his fortune himself. One of his first businesses was a driving school. And until today, he likes to daily give personally one driving license to a successful student. Belhasa is hard-working and usually is in his office around 6 a.m. Today, his company is worth billions but he still maintains the same work ethic as when he started from scratch.

His son Rashid Belhasa became a popular YouTuber under the nickname Money Kicks. Partially, it’s thanks to the fact that he can display luxury goods bought by his father’s money. While some might see it as spoiling a child, Saif is happy to provide for his family and take a good care of them.

When asked on what he’s spending a lot, Saif Ahmed Belhasa said in one interview that he’s planning to purchase a yacht soon. With his cash flow from his multiple ventures spanning from real estate development to recruitment services, that should be an easy task for him.