Adam Saleh

Famous American YouTube vlogger Adam Saleh is also known as comedian, actor and rapper. He presents himself on two channels, Adam Saleh with pseudonym TrueStoryASA and Adam Saleh Vlogs with pseudonym ASAVlogs, and used to have thord, 3MH. Adam has a total net worth of approximately $800 thousand as of 2016. That’s really not bad for someone who just recently turned 22.

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Adam’s full name is Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh and he was born on June 4th, 1993, in New York to Yemeni parents. In 2012, Adam started making YouTube videos as a part of his YouTube channel named TrueStoryASA with his college friends Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar, which they started just for fun.

Adam also was embodied in another collaborative channel, 3MH, with Sheikh Akbar, Slim Albaher and Karim Metwaly. The channels split up in May 2015 and since then Adam has created many videos and is known as solo YouTuber. He has also appeared in comedy-drama action film American Sharia and released several singles, namely Diamond Girl, Tears, Survivor, and Tomorrow’s Another Day.

In 2014, a video titled Racial Profiling Experiment was uploaded on Adam’s YouTube channel and became viral around the world. In the video Adam and Sheikh argued in front of a police officer wearing western outfits and the cop ignored them, after that they fight again, dressed in Muslim clothes but this time cop’s behavior remarkably changed. This particular video alone received over 200 thousand views.