Robert Terkla

Famous fisherman Robert Terkla is best known thanks to his YouTube channel LunkersTV, where he uploads videos about Bass Fishing and guns. As of 2017, Scott Herman’s estimated net worth is currently $200 thousand and we know other interesting facts about his personal life.

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Robert Terkla was born on September 26th, 1989, in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a former Army Sniper, a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq. He fishes mostly a Largemouth Bass but he is also successful in fishing species like Peacock Bass, Salmon, Smallmouth, Panfish, and Sturgeon. He has experience with Saltwater Fishing too.

His YouTube channel Lunkers TV has more than 290 thousand subscribers and over 30 million views as of January 2017. Terkla uploaded his first video in August 2015. He often collaborate with fellow YouTuber and fisherman Michael Hsiao aka 1Rod1ReelFishing.

He uploaded videos within the Military Monday’s series, including his most viewed The First Time I Killed Someone. Terkla gained a part of his net worth thanks to his activities on social medias. He has many fans, including almost 140 thousand followers on Instagram.