Doug DeMuro

Well-known blogger and vlogger Doug DeMuro makes the money writing about his hobby, cars. He created an auto blog titled PlaysWithCars, where he writes about the automotive industry. He also runs a successful YouTube channel. As of 2018, Doug DeMuro’s current net worth is estimatedly $400 thousand.

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Doug DeMuro was born on May 22nd, 1988, in Colorado. He graduated from the Emory University in Atlanta. After that, he worked as a manager at the corporate headquarters of Porsche. After some time, he quit the job to pursue his writing career.

He has written for many magazines and websites, such as the Jalopnik,, and The Week. He published a satirical automotive book titled Plays With Cars in July 2013. A day after, he published a second book titled From My Perspective.

In September 2013, DeMuro started his self-titled YT channel. His first video was about Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. As of December 2016, the channel has over 280 thousand subscribers and almost 57 million views. DeMuro currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.