Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming is a popular television personality, cookbook author, and a successful entrepreneur. No wonder that she amassed quite a fortune. Her total net worth is estimated to be over £550 million ($819 million) as of 2015. Large portion of that wealth originates from her impressive divorce settlement with famous Rory Fleming.

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Caroline was born September 9, 1975 in Valdemar’s Castle, Svendborg, Denmark into the one of most prestigious Danish families and inherited a aristocratic title of Baroness. But she didn’t inherit all her wealth. Her large net worth is also a fruit of her own labor. She’s a successfull entrepeneur, author, and TV star.

Caroline was married once to Rory Fleming of The Fleming banking family and a nephew of a famous James Bond creator Ian Fleming, until they got divorced in 2008. And you can bet it was a huge settlement. Caroline’s portion was worth more than £400million!

If you think Caroline Fleming would do nothing and just spent all her millions, you would be wrong. Caroline wrote two bestselling cook books and a one lifestyle book. She created her own beautiful legs hosiery line. In 2015, Fleming also joined second season of reality show Ladies of London that tracks lives of rich women from high social circles.