Julie Montagu

Beautiful Julie Montagu is a television star and also a wife of Luke Montagu, the Viscount Hinchingbrooke and heir to the Earl of Sandwich. As you already guessed, Julie is a very rich woman. As of 2015, her total net worth is amazing £6.5 million ($10 million). And that doesn’t include her husband’s wealth. How did she ear so much?

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Well, she is very famous for her yoga classes and she’s also an author of best-selling cookbook. In 2015, Montagu also joined the cast of reality television show Ladies of London in it’s second season. You can bet the salary per episode is very rewarding. How else would you convince women from wealthy London families to participate on the series?

Julie’s age is 41 years. She was born as Julie Fisher in Sugar Grove, Illinois. Thanks to her great look, Julie started career as a model. And even the rest of her life sounds like a fairy tale. She met future Earl of Sandwich, Luke. They fell in love and got married. Her rich husband can be sure she isn’t after him for his family money, since Julie is running several successful businesses.

Most of her business ventures are health and nutrition-related. Montagu herself maintains slim attractive figure a you certainly wouldn’t guess she’s over 40 now. She sells many workout DVDs, such as 21 Day Power Yoga Detox. Her cookbook Superfoods: The Flexible Approach to Eating More Superfoods is also selling well.