Seán William McLoughlin si known as Jacksepticeye on YouTube. He amassed incredible number of fans. As of 2015, he has over 5.6 million subscribers. No wonder his net worth keeps growing and currently surpassed $1.5 million. Really not bad for someone who started uploading videos only three years back.

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Sean is from Ireland. He makes videos on various topics but his most famous is comedy series Let’s Play that’s about video games. He holds the university degree from hotel management but we really doubt he will use it any time soon. Currently he’s a full-time youtuber and it generates him more money than he can spend.

And some bad news for his female fans: Jacksepticeye isn’t single. In fact in August 2015 he will celebrate a five year relationship anniversary with his beautiful girlfriend. She’s from South Korea so they often don’t see each other for a long period of time but their love so far proved to be strong enough to handle long-distance relationship.

Although most of his videos are about video games he also occasionally uploads vlogs. As his fan base continues to grow, we expect his net worth to rise proportionately. Another nice example how you can make a living on the internet playing computer games. But remember that Jacksepticeye finished the college first. Just to be on a safe side.