Joe Weller

Popular YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers is certainly a valuable asset. English online video star Joe Weller knows how to make money from it. His 2015 net worth is estimated to be £500,000 ($764,000). He doesn’t have to do much to promote his Youtube videos. They are gaining increasing popularity on their own.

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Unlike most famous YouTubers, Weller started kinda late. In 2012. Yet, he already amassed millions of subscribers and his net worth is increasing with incredible pace. His favorite topics are video game series FIFA and football in general. And she has a really comic angle on most of his videos, you have to give him that.

With his fame and wealth, we are surprised that Joe is still single. Yes, that’s right. He doesn’t have a relationship as of now. We would blame his Brutal WWE Moves on Girls video that definitely scared all possible girlfriends away from him. It’s probably too late for another YouTube named “Romantic Moves on Girls”.

Joe Weller will soon be 20 years old. And he might become YouTube millionaire before the birthday. He makes hefty cash on YouTube advertising. He even has his personal fan base named The Buxton Army. We wish him even more success.