Bill Maher

Popular TV host Bill Maher amassed a huge fortune. His current net worth is approximately $30 million as of 2015. A notable portion of that wealth comes from hist talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. But he has very diverse income. He’s also an actor and successful author of several books. And he surely knows how to enjoy his cash.

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Although he’s passionate supporter of Democratic Party, Maher deviates often from mainstream liberal opinions. He supports death penalty and use of racial profiling at airports. Yet, he donated $1 million the Obama SuperPAC, clearly showing his support for him this way. Maher’s political views are often controversial but you can’t blame him for not being honest.

The same goes for his attitude towards marriage and women. Although he’s a passionate admirer of female beauty, Maher was never married. But he of course dated many women and showed high level of taste. Severak of his ex girlfriends are black but Bill himself doesn’t see it as a pattern and insists that his romances just “happen to be black”. He even dated hot playmates Karin Taylor and Coco Johnsen. On of his latest relationships was with writer Cara Santa Maria.

In 2012, Maher purchased a partial ownership in the New York Mets club. Surely just a financial detail with his high net worth. In 2014, he returned back to his usual taste and started dating black beauty, singer Anjulie Persaud. She’s 27 years younger than Maher and has perfect bikini body.