Jimmy Fallon

Famous comedian, actor, and TV host Jimmy Fallon amassed incredible fortune during his successful career. His 2014 earnings were $12 million according to Forbes. Fallon’s total net worth is estimated to be around $30 million as of 2015. It’s hard to believe, that when he started with stand-up comedy, he was earning mere $7.50 per set.

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Fallon is well invested in several luxury real estates. In 2012, he bought farmhouse in Hamptons that consists of 2.2 acres and six-bedroom house. It cost astonishing $5.7 million. Well, location is everything. Fallon ad his wife also own several apartment units in 34 Gramercy Park East building. In 2014, they bought already fifth unit for $725,000. It’s a studio and they plan to use it as an office. What do you think, will Fallon eventually own the whole building?

While he dated Winona Ryder, Jordana Brewster, and several other beautiful woman in the past, the most interesting story is about who he wasn’t dating although he could. Australian hot actress Nicole Kidman disclosed on his show in 2015, that they met before through mutual friend and while she was kind of interested in dating him, Jimmy wasn’t prepared for this opportunity, didn’t talk much, and eventually started playing video games instead of pursuing her. She though he wasn’t interested and nothing happened.

When confronted with this story from her viewpoint after those long years, Fallon was speechless, eventually saying “What are you talking about? Could I have dated Nicole Kidman?” and left studio after a while when he realizes how he blew his unique chance for a relationship with her. Of course, they are both married today and the situation is completely different. You can’t go back in time.