Josh Owens

Reality star Josh Owens is best known for his appearance on Discovery Channel’s TV show Moonshiners. Josh Owens’ estimated net worth is currently 400 thousand dollars as of 2017 and we know another details of his interesting life story, let’s take a look.

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Josh Owens used to be a professional motocross and superbike racer before he has become the moonshiner. In 2003 and 2004, he even gained a motocross champion title. He also describes himself as a lumberjack, hunter, inventor and at last but not least a father. He likes kayaking, mountain climbing, and spending time with his dog.

Owens is often travelling between North and South Carolina. Being a cast on the Moonshiners show is a significant part of his income. The show premiered on December 6th, 2011, on the Discovery Channel. It reveals the story of life people producing the moonshine.

What is a moonshine? You could know it also as a mountain dew, white whiskey or hooch. It is a high-proof distilled spirit, which is usually produced illegally. The show about this topic has become quite popular. In November 2016, Moonshiners’ season 6 premiered after five previous successful seasons.