Evan Betts

Muscular Evan Betts works as a fitness contributor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. As a side job, he does some work as a male model and a fitness trainer. You can see him now on a reality TV show So Cosmo as one of the main characters. Eva Betts’ net worth is estimated to be around $450 thousand as of 2017 and we know some interesting details from his life.

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Evan was born in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area. He studied at Grand Valley State University where he graduated in 2011. He made a risky decision and moved to New York City. But we think he actually made already quite a break through.

Betts has a profile page at Wilhelmina Models. He’s six feet tall and posses incredibly ripped body. He posed for Men’s Fitness magazine and even appeared on it’s cover. His Instagram account says he’s also a trainer and artist. Evan has a tattoo on his rib cage.

So Cosmo is a new reality TV series on E! network. It tracks careers and lives of small group of professionals working for Cosmopolitan magazine. The popularity of first season will no doubt determine whether the show is going to continue.