Professor Griff

American rapper known as Professor Griff was the member of the hip hop group titled Public Enemy which is known for it’s controversy. Professor Griff’s estimated net worth is currently $5 million as of 2017. Let’s take a closer look on Griff’s work.

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Professor Griff was born on August 1st, 1960, in Long Island, New York as Richard Griffin. After he returned back from the army, he began working at a security service, becoming a member of Unity Force. The hip hop group Public Enemy was formed in 1982. Soon after that, Ridenhour invited Griffin to join the group as a sideman.

Unity Force, together with Griffin, was renamed to The Security of the First World, using also a short title S1W. It combined bodyguards and dancers, which is really an interesting concept. On the stage, they performed also a martial arts and military drill.

After Professor Griff left the Public Enemy, he formed a group titled the Last Asiatic Disciples. He was also known as a member af the Nation of Islam. Griff’s discography includes five studio albums, starting with the Pawns in the Game from 1990. The latest, And The Word Became Flesh, was released in 2001.