Kamikaze Chris

TV personality and driver Kamikaze Chris mostly known from Discovery channel reality show Street Outlaws. Chris’ Instagram account amassed 255 thousand followers so far. He has also his own website kamikazeelcamino.com, where he promotes himself. Chris’ current net worth is around $500 thousand in 2017.

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Kamikaze Chris is driving The Elco on the show. If you are wondering what kind of race car is that, we know it. 1980 El Camino aka The Elco is nitrous powered with big block V8 Chevy engine. He also promotes his car on his Instagram account. Kamikaze is also boosting his net worth through social media sites.

Kamikaze has one big advantage on Street Outlaws because he knew other racer Big Chief since he was a kid. They frequently stick together and the other racers weren’t to happy when Kamikaze took El Camino back to the list after he left with Big Chief for a while.

If some racer wants to move in the list, he has to confront some other ranked racer and become the winner. Drivers all over America try to make it to the list and receive some big cash. This season, there is also one woman who competes to get into best 10 racers. That is something Street Outlaws did not see before.