Brad McAtee

Brad McAtee works as a product specialist at Tactile Medical, the company that’s selling medical equipment. He had a career as a professional athlete and real estate agent in the past. In 2017, he got increasingly famous as his beautiful wife Ashley Wirkus entered the new reality TV show Summer House. McAtee’s total net worth is estimatedly $1.4 million and we know interesting details from his resume.

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Brad studied at University of California in Davis where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. After school, he worked as a baseball Instructor and also played professionally as a pitcher for Colorado Rockies Baseball Organization.

After that, he got a job as a licensed real estate agent. In this position, he also advised his clients on mortgage loans, market conditions, and legal requirements. In 2012, he was employed for couple months at The Corcoran Group, premier real estate brokerage founded by famous investor Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. McAtee actually shares the real estate background with his wife. In December 2012, Brad got a job at Tactile Medical, firm selling home therapy devices for edema, venous ulcers, and lymphedema. Providing at-home therapies for patients with chronic diseases sounds like a fulfilling vocation.

McAtee started dating Ashley Wirkus and they got married in the late 2015. The happy newlyweds had an open wedding registry at The Knot which included for example digital ultrasonic multi-purpose jewelry cleaner, 3-inch tall king size mattress, and folding table. Beautiful bride wore white lace wedding dress with low cut corset.